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Puglia- A flight into the past

When I was in primary school, I was always asked to write an essay about my holiday on my return from the summer holidays. At that time this seemed but a stupid task, that had no real need, but now that I am a grown up, I can see the benefit of writing up your…

why work from home, pros and cons

In the past decade work from home has increased steadily, becoming now one of the “must have” when seeking for a new job opportunity. This report from the Bureau of labor statistics, shows that in USA there was a 5% increase in people telecommuting from 2013 to 2015. Reaching a peak of 25% (Full report…

We are going to be part of History. The end of Petrol/Diesel Cars and the raise of electric ones

Today, in case you have not noticed, we have been invited to be part of History. It may seems confusing, but I am meaning it. The UK government has today announced that sale of Petrol/Diesel cars will be stopped by 2040. I know it may seem a long time form now, but if you think…

The curse of unfinished side projects

Side projects If you are a developer, you have surely once in your career, started a little side project either because you had a “great” idea, or because it was a very gloomy rainy day outside and never finished it. In many industry, included the IT one, this is called “the curse of unfinished side…

Quote of the Day


Fred Brooks quote
[quote name=”Fred Brooks”]
“Nine people can’t make a baby in a month.” (regarding the addition of more programmers to get a project completed faster)