About Me

Welcome to my Self Interview.. If you want to know more about me, just read on.. 🙂

Personal Info

What is my Name: Simone
What is my Surname: Cuomo
Do you have a Nickname: Zelig880
How old are you: Old enough not to say my age
What languages can you speak: English, Italian, Javascript
Current Job title: Senior JavaScript Engineer
Extra information: Ask google, it knows everything

Social Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Zelig880
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/simone-cuomo-65582a68/
Email: scuomo1988@gmail.com

My past..

I have always believed that I would be an economist and focused all my studies in Business and Economics. My turn into Web Development has been quite unexpected and I have been surprised since then of how much I was able to achieve with hard work and by self learning.

My Present…

I am currently spending my day to day Mentoring developers, Auditing code base, provide architecture services and last but not least, Developing high performance and reliable Web Applications and PWAs.

In addition to my experience in the Front End world, I also had the possibility to learn a variety of different technologies such as .NET, SQL, Powershell, Laravel. This different skills provide me a good and strong understanding of the web development environment. I currently focus on VueJs (my framework of choice), Accessibility, AWS services, Responsive design and development of Progressive Web Application.

My future…

Being a “self thought”, has helped me realise the importance of good mentors and colleagues. My aim is to be able to produce good content (blog posts, video, audio) and be able to invest even more time to help aspiring developers in getting in love with this industry.

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